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NEW:  Click Here To See “Doggie Dream House” Progress  

For 21 years Kathryn, Ivy and the Kaimar Hounds called Snohomish, Washington home. We miss Snohomish but love our new home in Arlington.

Construction began in June of 2006. Nearly a year later after many, many starts and stops as of April 2007 we are finally here and settling in. Our address is Arlington, WA but Arlington is 20 miles from home. We are located 7 miles from the much closer town of Darrington, Washington.

The setting is 4.5 Acres nestled in the shadow of Whitehorse Mountain and Higgins Ridge. We love the quiet and serenity of this beautiful place.

I have included a photo of the Twin Falls at Boulder River Trail in my slideshow. The trailhead for this hike is less than a mile from us. Click here to learn more about the Boulder River hiking trail. Also included in the slideshow is photo taken at the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. This pretty scene is only 2 miles from our new home. Learn more about "The Stilly" Click Here.

Please enjoy the tour of our new home in the slideshows presented on this page and by following the link to the Doggie Dream House page. We invite you to visit often. An avid gardener Ivy has big plans for the landscape. I promise a new slideshow next Spring so you can follow our progress.

Kathryn, Ivy & Hounds