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Hi Kathryn!

Just had to look in on your site and enjoyed it so much. I love the videos of Fibber! Sure do remember wanting one of those puppies when you had that wonderful litter. We are showing for the first time in 2 years at the Ocala show (our Borzoi, Lara). The breeder has lined up a handler to show her so it ought to be fun. My friend is coming over Saturday and work with us a little and bringing her domino Afghan Hound. I have never seen it and am getting so excited about it. You know they are still the most gorgeous creatures on earth to me. Hope you and your family are all fine and give the dogs a hug!

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Posted by: Edie Goding  

How wonderful to see the great photos of Drifter. Brings back memories when my mother and Rosemary bred together and my teenage years with our bitches like Ch. Sahiba Sudden Silver and Ch. Sahiba Sudden Snowdrift. I miss Rosemary and think of her often. It has been, geez 20 some years. Please tell her hello for me, and forward me her email address. Last I heard from my mother she was in Mexico?

Lovely ad on Afghans Online with memories of Drifter!

Robin Ness-Punsalan
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Posted by: Robin Punsalan  
Best wishes from Hungary! You have beautiful site, nice afghans, and lovely Fibber!  
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Posted by: Ágnes&Istv;án Hanol  
KATHRYN! Forgive me for mis-spelling your name in that
last e-mail!
Your website---very easy on the eyes.
WONDERFUL photographs!!! Would like to have seen
some pedigrees along with them.

The Specialty---was glad to be part of your big
day! I think the whole affair went well...
CONGRATULATIONS... enjoyed seeing him all grown up!
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Posted by: Donna Johnson  
Fabulous Fibber!
Wonderful movement style.
A new admirer,

John Oyervides
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Posted by: John Oyervides  
Hello Kaimar's, We have admired "Fibber" for some time here in Texas. Congrat's on his lovely win.Great web sight, LOVE the chickens!Maybe I can get blue print on Koop? and learn from you on how to not pick roosters. We are planning on our chicken venture soon. Good Luck on all, Jo Ann Jones  
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Posted by: Jo Ann -Wayne Jones JOVAN  
I surfed into your site and I just loved what I have seen. The comments are very nice, too. I like you dogs very much. Good job, keep on the good work!!!
Wish you all the best,
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Posted by: Carmen  
Hi there,
I have visited your web site and I just loved it. You have great dogs. I wish you all the best with all of them in the future and I'll be back.
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Posted by: Carmen  
Nice website!
Please visit mine.... we are related LOL
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Posted by: Marc Linnér  
I was looking up Raw food and came across your web page...really enjoyed and what beautiful Afghans!!!
Just got my first Afghan at 13 months old and can't wait to get another one.
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Posted by: Marcy Arena  
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Posted by: Fernando  

This is really a wonderful site!
It was a pleasure for us to visit.

Best regards from Germany
MT's Angie-Sweet, Bently & Billy with Sandra
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Posted by: Sandra  
Hi Kathryn, your webside and Afghan pic`s is brilliant. I love your Artwork, is just fabolous !
hugs and greetings from germany
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Posted by: Katrin  
I really enjoyed my visit here at your fantastic site. Very well done. "Fibber" become a favourite as soon as I saw him....and he has a very interesting pedigree. Keep up the good work and good luck to you all in the future. I will come back for many more visits.
All the best from Sweden
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Posted by: Mia  
Greet !!! You have exquisite dogs. Afghans this whole grace and aesthetics these races. I love afghans and alone I have two. I invite greetings from POLISH on our website.

Ps. Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR

EWELINA and Afghans in POLAND
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Posted by: Ewelina  
You have really beautiful sites, it´s nice to see your love to your afghans! Keep up good work!
Best Wishes Xanaghans Afghans
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Posted by: Ina & Xanaghans Afghans, from Finland  
hey kath! your new site looks great (html challenged, huh? ;-). and loved the best in snow xmas card at afsonline!

and what's this about chickens???

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Posted by: suzi  
Hello Kitty! I must say, this is quite the website. The photos of your afghans are magnificent. But my boys want to know why the "chicken lady" doesn't have photos of her chickens on her website! What's up w/that? Congrats & pat yourself on the back. It's a wonderful website. TTYS-Evil  
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Posted by: Lisa Estey  
You have reached a standard of perfection; with no trace of plainness or courseness: Great job!
See you at the shows,
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Posted by: Tracy Farmer  
Wonderful job Kath!
I may have to look into your webmaster.......he did a wonderful job and our website could use some updating!
Best wishes to "all" the future Kaimar hounds!
Sue & Gary
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Posted by: Sue & Gary Games  
Hi Kathy,
Thank you for letting me know that you have a new web site. Being able to see all your dogs in one place and read about them is great! You did a wonderful job! Your dogs are looking great! My best wishes to you and your dogs in the ring and life!
PS thanks for all of the added art sites! One can never have to many places to buy lovly Afghan Art!
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Posted by: Sharon White  
Hi Kathyrn,

I just love your pictures of all the gorgeous dogs, including your Whippets. I forgot you had one of them along with the beautiful Afghans! I will keep looking for any updates and sure enjoyed looking at this entire site!

Edie G.
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Posted by: Edie  
Most excellent!

However, there is something missing...hmmm...let me think...BROK! (where are the chickens?!?)

Very nice site!

(seriously, where is the poultry page?)

Stir :)

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Posted by: Stir Greer  
We sure enjoyed seeing all the fabulous photo's Kathy! Great job on your site!
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Posted by: The Kirmse Family  
Hi KAIMAR's!!!!!!!
Finally we could see the this wonderful New Homepage of yours!
Warmest COngrats also to James,,
LOVELY and GREAT Pictures are in there too.Keep up the GREAT WORK,Kath!!!
We look forward to see more pix pulished on our favorites "PAGES" soon soon!!!
xoxo & ttys,

Marco & Nino
and the gang from the Xantudd's Knl
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Posted by: Xantudd's AfghanHounds/Italy  
All I can say is...WOW! What a wonderful site, and such a great tribute to all of your dogs, past and present! Congratulations!
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Posted by: Vicki Robison  
Hi Kathryn:

Your new Web site is beautiful, I will look at it often. Especially little Gracie/Meg. Always will regret
not taking her. Maybe there will be another little Meg in the future.
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Posted by: Gayle  
Best darned afghan hound website I have ever seen!
Thanks for sharing,
Posted by: Kelly Ray  
HI KATHRYN ... I have been so looking foreward to your website because a) I wanted to see it! and b) you and James have put so much work, energy and creativity into it. CONGRATULAIONS! Now I am going to take my time and peruse your efforts. Can not wait. Happy holidays!

Patricia, Dick, Burnie, Woody and of course our girlie Summer
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Posted by: Patricia Silverman and Dick Hafner  

What a great web site. Very nice indeed.

Hmmmmm.... The Evergreen Afghan Hound Club needs someone to put together a website for the club. Then you could add it to your link section. Any takers?!?!

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Posted by: Bob Chace  

What a beautiful site. Absolutely love your dogs. Truly exquisite and the photos are breathtaking.

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Posted by: Robin Ness-Punsalan  

Great new website! I like websites that are user friendly and yours is! Nice stories & photos of your pups. Thanks!

I look forward to seeing many more of your successes in the show ring.

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Posted by: Barbara Chace  
Hey there....I can't wait to explore your website...the pictures alone are fabulous...let alone all your accomplishments with the lovely hounds!Thanks for sharing them!
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Posted by: Beth Collins  
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